8 Canada’s Tallest Tree

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A man in a raincoat stands in a misty forest of tall, thin trees.

A man named Randy liked to hunt trees. He looked for big trees and old trees. He made maps to show where these trees were. He did not want to cut them down. He wanted people to take care of them.

A coniferous tree with a thick trunk and feathery branches.

Randy was told of a very tall tree on Vancouver Island. The tree was said to be 314 feet tall. That would make it the tallest tree in Canada. Randy set out to find the tree.

A man wearing a hard hat and ear protection rappels down a tree. A chainsaw dangles from his belt.

But someone else found it first. It was found by a logger. Loggers wanted to cut down Canada’s tallest tree and all the trees around it.

A forest with a sign saying "Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park."

Randy made a path in the forest so people could see the tall tree. The tree was so big and beautiful it would fill them with awe. More and more people wanted to save that forest. Thanks to these people, that forest is now a park. Canada’s tallest tree is still there.

A clearcut forest. The ground is covered with logs and branches. No trees are standing.

There may still be a bigger tree out there. Maybe you will find it. But there are only a few old forests left in BC. Many are still at risk of being cut down.


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