7 Grow Your Own Tomatoes

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A woman holds several tomatoes to her chest, smiling.

Tomatoes that you grow are better than tomatoes that you buy. You can grow tomatoes inside if you do not have a garden.

You need:

  • Tomato seeds
  • A big pot (50 cm deep)
  • Potting soil (many big food shops sell this)
  • A window
A plant pot full of dirt.

Fill the pot with potting soil. Pack the soil down a little bit. Put a seed on top of the soil. Add a bit more soil on top.

A metal watering can sitting on a patio table.

Add water. The soil must always be a bit wet. Seeds like to be warm. Put your pot in a warm place. It does not need sun yet.

A tomato plant grows on a window sill. No fruit is visible yet.

The plant will grow above the soil. Put the plant by a window. The plant needs four hours of sun a day. You can tie the stem to a stick to help the plant stay up. Always keep the soil a bit wet.

A woman holds a half-eaten tomato. She has a goldfish tattoo on the inside of her wrist.

Pick the tomatoes when they are the same red colour top to bottom. Enjoy!


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