To the Learner

Welcome to Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 2.

You have the skills you need to be a strong student in this class. Your instructor knows this because you have passed the Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics Level 1 class, or you have been assessed into this level.

Adult math learners have many skills. They have a lot of life experience. They also use math in their everyday lives. This means that adult math learners may already know some of what is being taught in this book. Use what you already know with confidence!

How to Use This Book

This textbook has:

  • A Table of Contents listing the units, the major topics, and the subtopics.
  • A Grades Record to keep track of your marks.
  • Many Exercises to practice what you learned. Some are quite short, but others have a great number of questions. You do not have to do every single question!
    • Do as many questions as you feel are necessary for you to be confident in your skill. It is best to do all the word problems.
    • If you leave out some questions, try doing every second or every third question. Always do some questions from the end of each exercise because the questions usually get harder at the end. You might use the skipped questions for review before a test.
    • If you are working on a difficult skill or concept, do half the exercise one day and finish the exercise the next day. That is a much better way to learn.
  • Self-tests at the end of most topics have an “Aim” at the top. If you do not meet the aim, talk to your instructor, find what is causing the trouble, and do some more review before you go on.
    A screenshot that shows that a mark for a self test is 18 and the aim is 15 out of 18.
  • A Review and Extra Practice section is at the end of each unit. If there is an area of the unit that you need extra practice in, you can use this. Or, if you want, you can use the section for more review.
  • A Practice Test is available for each unit. You may:
    • Write the practice test after you have studied the unit as a practice for the end-of-chapter test, OR
    • You might want to write it before you start the unit to find what you already know and which areas you need to work on.
  • Unit Tests are written after each unit. Again, you must reach the Aim before you begin the next unit. If you do not reach the aim, the instructor will assist you in finding and practising the difficult areas. When you are ready, you can write a B test to show that you have mastered the skills.
  • A Final Test is to be written when you have finished the book. This final test will assess your skills from the whole book. You have mastered the skills in each unit and then kept using many of them throughout the course. The test reviews all those skills.

Grades Record

You have also been given a sheet to write down your grades.  After each test, you can write in the mark. This way you can keep track of your grades as you go through the course. This is a good idea to use in all your courses.

Grade Record – Book 2
Unit Practice Test Date of Test A Test A Date of Test B Test B
Example A check mark. September 4, 2020 25/33 September 7, 2020 25/33
Final Test


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