The demand for barber services is growing in the hairstylist industry. Whether you are working in a salon environment or a designated barber shop, it is becoming more and more necessary for hairstylists to have a basic knowledge of barbering services in order to meet the growing expectations of their clients.

This manual serves as a guide for apprentices who desire to grow beyond their foundational haircutting knowledge and skills, and expand their knowledge to include more advanced barbering services, such as beard and moustache design, and straight razor shaves.

Whether you have completed a Hairstylist Foundations program, apprenticeship program, or are currently enrolled in Hairstylist Level 2 or equivalent, this resource will be valuable to you.

Learning Objectives

Topics covered in this resource include:

  • How to perform a thorough design consultation, which revisits and expands on face shape considerations to include beard, moustache, and nape considerations, head shape, and skin concerns.
  • How to select the appropriate tools and products to complete the desired barbering service.
  • How to perform various facial and nape hair reduction and shaping services.
  • How to perform a facial and nape straight razor shave.


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