Chapter 6: Creative Writing

Learning Objectives

  • Use existing paragraph and essay writing skills to create vivid images in creative writing.
  • Write a short story that includes characters, a plot, conflict, and climax.
  • Write acrostic, found, and list poems using prompts.
  • Write a blog post or journal entry describing a significant moment in your life.
  • Revise your blog post using another as a model.

Writing creatively is something that many of us do regularly, but other students have very little experience with. That’s okay. With creative writing, especially if you’re a beginner, your first goal will simply be to put something—anything—down on paper. Of course, just like with every other kind of writing, you’ll have to revise that initial effort, often drastically. And even though we tend to think of creative writing as a special case, we often don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike if we’re assigned a piece of creative writing with a deadline.


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