Appendix 2: A Mini-Casebook on Brave New World

Overview of Brave New World

  • 1980 film version Brave New World

    [A reasonably good adaptation of the novel, if rather long. The script was written by Robert E. Thompson, who received an Oscar nomination for his scenario of the film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?]
  • BBC RADIO 45 Minute documentary on Brave New World 
    [An outstanding discussion of numerous aspects of the novel, with three world experts on 20th-century British literature.]
  • [Another podcast from BBC. This one is on modernist utopias]
    Brave New World article Wikipedia 
    [An excellent overview of plot, character, and contexts]
  • Margaret Atwood’s essay on Brave New World

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Psychology Focus

Biology Concentration

Anthropology Concentration

Philosophy Concentration


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