Appendix 2 – Sample Job Advertisement

Come Work Where You Can Make a Difference!

Here’s your chance to join a dynamic, growing team of culinary professionals who are dedicated to local food and sustainability. We are seeking an individual with a passion for cooking who has a strong interest in mentoring the younger members of our team. Successful candidates must have a minimum of five years of previous experience as a cook, and at least two years in a supervisory position (sous chef or higher). Strong communication and interpersonal skills and a commitment to excellence are essential.

Make your mark on the culinary world with British Columbia Restaurants Limited (

Qualified applicants should forward their resumé by Friday, June 5, 2015, to:

Jake Peters, Human Resources Manager

222 Smith Street

Vancouver, BC

V1V 1V1


Or send your resume via email to Phone calls are also welcome at 1.250.555.5555.



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