Appendix 6 – Employee Orientation Checklist

Category 1: Prior to Start Date

  • Personnel requisition form
  • Application (signed and completed)
  • Reference check information and interview notes
  • Written offer of employment
  • Training and paperwork documentation ready for start date
  • Company literature
  • An organizational chart and map of the building(s)
  • A comprehensive employee handbook that details company policies, procedures, and standards
  • A glossary of industry or company-specific terminology and acronyms
  • A list of internal contacts for inquiries related to payroll, benefits, technical support, etc.

Category 2: Start Date Responsibilities

2a) Receive the Employee

  • Review a copy of the employee’s application
  • Be familiar with the employee’s experience, training, and education
  • Review the job description with the employee, including the duties, responsibilities, and working relationships
  • Provide employee with new-employee workbook
  • Ensure employee signs all applicable documentation
  • Direct deposit authorization form
  • Fill out employee benefit forms
  • Explain the total organization and how the employee fits in
  • Ascertain future career goals of the employee
  • Outline department specific goals and objectives

Review the following:

  • Probationary period
  • Performance review process
  • Salary increase
  • Work hours, breaks, mealtimes, and other rules
  • Equipment, such as telephone and copier machine
  • Duties, responsibilities, purpose
  • Handling of confidential information
  • Performance expectations/goals
  • promotions/transfers
  • Safety/emergency procedures (safety orientation checklist)
  • Emergency exits
  • Reporting injuries

2b) Welcome the Employee

  • Introduce the new employee to co-workers
  • Indicate to each co-worker what the new employee’s position will be
  • Explain the functions of each person to the new employee as you introduce them
  • Tour the department, plant, and company
  • Explain where the lavatories, coffee, and/or break areas and the parking facilities are located
  • Set a time and date within one week to address any questions or concerns of the new employee and check progress

2c) Introduce the Employee

  • Ensure the new employee’s work area, equipment, tools, and supplies are prepared and available
  • Have the employee sign for any tools, equipment, vehicles, etc. provided by the company
  • Explain the levels of supervision within the department
  • Provide the new employee with the necessary or required training (employee training plan)
  • Review general administrative procedures
  • Explain the hours of work, overtime procedures, call-in procedures
  • Give the new employee the department telephone number
  • Explain company products and services.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

I, [employee name], acknowledge that I have read and understand the employer orientation checklist of [company name].

Name: Signature:


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