Employee Recruitment and Selection

3 Job Analysis: A Crucial First Step

The job analysis is a crucial first step. It’s the foundation of the recruitment and selection process.

Job analysis is the process of collecting information about the specifics of each job in the organization. A job analysis answers the question “What does the job involve?” It is a list of behaviours and skills required to do the job.

But how do you really know what the job involves? There are many ways to gather this job information depending on the size and scope of your operation. Methods can include:

  • Surveys completed by current employees
  • Managers interviewing employees who are currently doing the job
  • General observation

It is important that all key stakeholders participate in the job analysis process to ensure the information is accurate and for employee buy-in. No one knows the job better than the person who does it, and both manager and employee perspectives are important so that the analysis captures all relevant duties and responsibilities in a non-biased way.

Once the job analysis is complete, you will have a sound base of information to move on to the next step of developing a meaningful job description that will be consistent with everyone’s understanding of the position.


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