List of Tables

Table 1.1 Three pairs of scenarios represent the scope of possible futures for human security.
Table 3.1 Contradictions within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Table 6.1 Documents that codify International Humanitarian Law.
Table 7.1 Identified stateless persons, 2005-2017.
Table 7.2 Hosting countries of refugees, 2017.
Table 7.3 Major origin countries of refugees, 2017.
Table 7.4 Number of refugees and peoples of concern, 2000 – 2017.
Table 9.1 Comparison of global warming by 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius (° C).
Table 9.2 Estimated economic losses due to the impact of climate change in Mumbai.
Table 14.1 Internal vs. external focus on reasons for developmental woes.
Table 17.1 Examples of integrative imperatives to be addressed in health security research and practice.
Table 21.1 Comparison of obstacles and solutions towards effective human security regimes at the global and national/regional levels.
Table 21.2 Major risks to watch for each pillar of human security as discussed in this book.

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