Appendix B: Post-Secondary PoD Services

British Columbia

B.C. Open Collection

Camosun College

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  • KPU has an on-campus option to purchase affordable print copies of open textbooks. The service is print on demand, which means that a student must prepay for their print copy before picking it up at the bookstore. Instructors are able to set up this service by using two existing procedures: the bookstore’s Verba Collect system and the printshop’s Course Manual Requisition form. KPU also provides a print on demand setup tutorial video.

North Island College

  • When an open textbook is adopted by faculty, staff in the purchasing and print department help create a PoD file, which is listed like a textbook option on the course description, visible in the book search and the bookstore. If a student wishes to order a print copy, they go to one of the college’s bookstores and order and pay for it. The order is then sent to purchasing or the printshop, and the book is printed for that student and returned to the bookstore for them to pick up. Faculty provide information about open textbooks they’ve adopted to purchasing staff on their textbook requisitions. Purchasing then works with the appropriate departments on things like copyright and licensing in order to create the PoD file.
    • For more information, contact

University of British Columbia

  • UBC Bookstore lists “Open Educational Resources” on its Instructors: Course Materials Resources page and provides a video for faculty wanting to adopt an open textbook or other OER. The video describes how faculty can locate OER and then use the bookstore online ordering website to select open textbooks so that students can easily locate required course materials at the bookstore before classes start. Additionally, instructors can request that OER be added to the course syllabus.
    • For assistance or questions, email

University of Victoria

For more information, see the Post-Secondary Directory.



eCampusOntario Open Library


United States

New York

  • Milne Open Textbooks: Links to purchase print-on-demand copies of each Milne’s textbooks are provided (ordered through Amazon).


  • OpenStax: Links to purchase print copies of each of OpenStax’s textbooks are provided for individuals (ordered through Amazon) and for bookstores wanting to place bulk orders (through XanEdu). Customized print-on-demand options are also available.


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