Section 3: Consent & Sexual Violence Training Guide

Training Overview

Learning Outcomes At the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Define sexual violence
  • Describe the historical and social context of sexual violence in Canada
  • Define consent, including the legal definition
  • Use strategies to ask for and give consent in different types of relationships
Audience This training is suitable and recommended for all members of the campus community: students, faculty, administrators and staff. The suggested minimum number of learners is 6 and the suggested maximum is 40.
Duration Approximately 90 minutes.
Knowledge and Skills This workshop is intended to provide learners with the knowledge and practical skills for building communities of consent. Learners will have the opportunity to learn about the impacts of colonial violence on Indigenous peoples in Canada, understand the various types of sexual violence, and review definitions of consent in Canadian law while engaging in activities that will give them an opportunity to reflect and apply new learning.



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