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In this competency we have provided you with an overview of the trends affecting employment in the Canadian economy and the information necessary to conduct further research on your own. We have described employer expectations and job satisfaction and looked at the importance of hard skills and soft skills and their relevance to successful employment. This includes an understanding of essential skills and their importance to employer productivity and competitiveness. We have also looked at employee expectations and how it is important that they align with the needs of the employer. We have looked at stress management, problem solving, and decision making. We have also provided all of the information necessary for you to conduct job searches, write effective résumés and cover letters, apply for positions, and prepare for interviews.

After completing the Learning Tasks in this Competency, you will understand that obtaining employment in your chosen field will require considerable work on your part, whether it be researching the job market and individual companies or preparing for interviews. As a potential new employee, it is your responsibility to develop the skills required to promote your strengths and qualifications to prospective employers. Your ability to meet your employer’s organizational requirements, goals, and expectations through continuous learning will open up additional employment opportunities as you gain experience in your trade.

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