Chapter 5: Workplace Safety

5.1 What is Workplace Safety

Your safety is at risk as a new employee. Thankfully, there are protocols in place to help keep you safe. According to WorkSafeBC statistics, “more than half of workplace accidents involving young and new workers occur during their first six months on the job” (WorkSafeBC, 2017).  Two reasons for this are improper orientation and a reluctance of new workers to ask too many questions. This is why your first days on the job are so important. It is also why you need to ask questions and ensure you are following proper protocols. While we cannot cover every protocol and job in this chapter, we will give you foundational knowledge for basic workplace safety. Feel empowered to educate yourself and ask questions when you need to. Remember, your health is on the line.

To understand the importance of workplace safety for new and young workers, watch the story of Jack Thomas: Injured Young Worker.

This WorkSafeBC orientation checklist is often used by employers but is also helpful to understand the types of information you should be aware of: Young and New Worker Orientation Checklist.

Access a pdf of the orientation checklist document here: Young and New Worker Orientation Checklist [PDF].

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