Chapter 7: Time Management

Learning Objectives

By the end of this chapter, the reader will be able to:

  • Identify your motivations and connect them to your goals and priorities
  • Review time management tools and techniques
  • Compare time management techniques
  • Describe prioritization
  • Combat stress and pressure

Terms to Know

Self-sufficient – Able to provide for your own needs; capable of relying on self; includes sense of ownership and responsibility; as a worker you feel empowered as you work toward completing goals, objectives, and tasks.

Stress – An internal bodily response to initiate the need to prepare and take on a challenging situation.

Pressure – An external environmental factor that indicates urgency in a matter and the need to respond to a request or complete an action.

Procrastination – A delayment in the process of completing accumulating tasks and attending to a growing list of responsibilities. This notion results in a snowball effect of stress, pressure, and negative outcomes.

Time management – How you use your time and spread it out across different parts of your life.

Prioritization – How you identify the importance or value of tasks. You may prioritize based on time, importance, and complexity.

Case Study: Mohammad’s (He/Him) Busy Schedule

Mohammad never seems to have enough time! Since he is now in his second term of the Web and Graphic Design program, he has been hoping things would get easier. He has so many commitments to juggle and sometimes he forgets an important deadline or is late to work. Sometimes he gets distracted and overwhelmed. He was diagnosed with ADHD in high school but found a good routine there. College is very different. Even though his school has provided some helpful accommodations like extra time on assignments, he is finding the transition challenging. He knows he needs to manage his time better, but he doesn’t know where to begin. He is trying his best to be a good student at college, a good employee at his part-time job, and a good son to his parents. It is hard!



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