Today’s students are preparing to enter fast-paced work environments, and work-integrated learning (WIL) is supporting student work-readiness success. As a post-secondary student, you are surely working hard to develop your skills towards your goals for graduation and to start your career. Work-integrated learning (WIL) during your studies ties those skills to real workplace experience and projects and helps you to navigate and develop an understanding of the nuances that go along with culture, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and conflict resolution that often accompany the work environments.

This resource was developed for all post-secondary students preparing for or wanting to learn more about work readiness for WIL and entering the workforce. Through this resource, you will explore topics including Indigenous Peoples, communities, and cultural safety; self-management; career goals; workplace essential skills; interpersonal and communication skills; workplace safety; and more. In addition, each chapter includes interactive H5P student activities for you to reinforce and self-assess your learning.


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