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Thank you to…

CAPER-BC and Tara Robertson for their continued involvement and work on ensuring educational resources are accessible to all students.

Sue Doner of Camosun College for her work in Universal Design and the Accessibility Checkpoints.

Amanda Coolidge for managing the project and for providing enthusiastic support.

The student testers: Laura Bulk, Mila Cherny, Charmaine Co, Lauren Rubin, Shruti Shravah, Steven Woo, and Chazz Young, who were enthusiastic and generous collaborators.

Sarah Horton and Whitney Queensbury for giving us permission to remix their personas of people with disabilities.

Penn State University for giving us permission to use their accessibility guidelines on formulas and equations.

Cynthia Ng for working on the personas.

Hilda Anggraeni for creating and adapting the user personas.

The University of PEI for having developed and contributed four new Personas to the “Redesign or Accommodation? activity.

Josie Gray for adding information on how to create accessible content in Pressbooks and the chapter on “Accessibility Statements.”

BCcampus for leading this initiative to ensure that open textbooks are accessible both from a financial and access perspective.


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