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15 Adapt Content in an LMS

Last update: May 26/21


Adaptations need not be restricted to open textbooks. Many instructors prefer to add openly licensed content from an open textbook to an online course within a learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle or D2L. This is legally possible because Creative Commons’ open-copyright licences do not restrict where content is used, added, or changed as long as the terms of the content’s licence are followed.

Like any adapted work, the course within an LMS that contains some or all of an open textbook–or other OER–must include both an attribution and a copyright statement, as well as, lay out the changes and additions made to the original version. Placement of these statements should be at the beginning of the course where it is clear and can be easily found. (See Adaptation Statement.)

Also seeĀ Import an Open Textbook into a LMS in the Pressbooks Guide.


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