Why Adapt an Open Textbook

2 Reasons to Adapt an Open Textbook

Last update: Sep 13/22

One of the benefits of using an openly licensed textbook or other educational resource is that you are free to adapt it to fit your needs. In other words, you can adjust the educational resources to fit your course curriculum, not the other way around. Other reasons for revising an existing open work might be to:

  1. Address a particular teaching style or learning style
  2. Adjust for a different grade or course level
  3. Adapt for a different discipline
  4. Accommodate a different learning environment
  5. Address diversity needs
  6. Meet a cultural preference
  7. Meet a regional or national preference
  8. Address a school, district, or institution’s standardized curriculum
  9. Make the material more accessible for people with disabilities
  10. Add material contributed by students or material suggested by students
  11. Translate the material into another language
  12. Correct errors or inaccuracies
  13. Update the book with current information
  14. Add more media or links to other resources
  15. Use only a portion of the book for a course[1]

  1. Some of this material is based on: WikiEducator. “Adapt” in OER Handbook for Educators (http://wikieducator.org/OER_Handbook/educator_version_one/Adapt) and Why Remix Open Educational Resources? created by Liam Green-Hughes, both used under a CC-BY licence


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