How to Adapt an Open Textbook

8 Evaluate an Open Textbook

Last update: Sep 15/21

Open Oregon Educational Resources has developed three checklists–each designed for a specific user type–to evaluate individual course materials such as open textbooks.

Evaluate OER collections

British Columbia Open Education Librarians (BCOEL) have developed a useful guide to assist faculty, librarians, educational technologists, and students or anyone else to evaluate the quality of OER collections.

By evaluating the following criteria, you can assess an open educational resource repository to identify opportunities to improve the open resources available to your institution:

  • Authority
  • Audience
  • Access and Diversity
  • User-friendliness
  • Subject Coverage
  • Search Functional and Browsing
  • Media Type
  • Licensing and Permissions

Assess an OER collection with the Open Education Resource Repository Rubric with the open textbook and OER evaluation process.


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