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16 How to Cite an Adaptation in an LMS

Last update: Sep 15/21


Some instructors wonder how they should cite an open textbook that has been added to and adapted for a LMS. Here are some steps to consider.

    1. Assign a different title to the LMS version in order to differentiate it from the original open textbook using, for instance, names of the post-secondary institution and course. These details will not only makes citation easier, but identification of the adapted LMS version clearer. For example, if the original title is “Introduction to English” the LMS version for ABC Community College could read: “ABC Community College’s Introduction to English for LMS.”
    2. There should be both an attribution and copyright statement included in the citation that clearly identifies that the LMS version is an adaptation and lays out the changes and additions made. (See Adaptation Statement.)
    3. Authors who have contributed to the adaptation should be included in the citation. Introductory Chemistry and Introductory Chemistry-1st Canadian Edition serve as examples that show how authors are listed in an original open textbook versus its adapted version.


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