Which areas are currently under development for micro-credentials in B.C. post-secondary institutions? What comes next?

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We created this toolkit to meet the needs of B.C. post-secondary institutions as they develop and integrate micro-credentials into their ecosystem. We captured stories from colleagues who devised solutions to common challenges and hope they inspire your work.

Some aspects of micro-credentials in B.C. are still unknown. For example, what examples of financially sustainable business models for micro-credential programs can be easily replicated across institutions? What is the place of continuing education in offering micro-credentials? How can post-secondary institutions ensure rigorous quality assurance processes without affecting their ability to be responsive and flexible? What are best practices for engaging Indigenous communities to create micro-credentials that meet Indigenous and broader societal needs? Will B.C. follow Ontario’s lead and make micro-credential programs eligible for student aid?

The field is rapidly evolving. Several institutions, led by TRU – Online Learning, are designing and piloting a rigorous process, aligned with international best practices, for recognizing micro-credential learning across institutions. VCC is developing an inter-institutional partnership framework to help institutions work together to offer micro-credentials. EducationPlannerBC now allows learners to search micro-credentials offered in the province – effectively serving as the provincial repository of micro-credentials, not unlike the eCampusOntario Micro-credentials Portal and the New Zealand Register.

As this toolkit went into production, several new resources were published. This is the challenge of an emerging field: the pace of innovation and development is rapid. This document will no doubt need to be updated not too long after its launch.

If you have resources to contribute — a story of success or struggle with its lessons learned, a template you created, a resource you found helpful — please share them with us. Together we can compile a resource that evolves and continues to meet the needs of the community.


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