Bring Balance that Benefits Everyone

Silhouettes of a graduating student, a student in a wheelchair, and a baby are surrounded by a circle of community members.

“What we are sharing is meaningful to everyone, and it will benefit all faculty, students, and staff.”
—Marlene Erickson

“There is mentorship in the uplifting of students. You lift them up and then they go on and lift others up.”
—Valerie Cross

“Students start to believe in and are okay with where they come from. They are out in front now, not hiding. We are believing in them as they are now trusting themselves.”
—Elder Darlene McIntosh

Reflection Questions

Elders bring balance, inclusiveness, integrity, and leadership to the post-secondary environment—and their teachings benefit everyone on campus. When Elders share their traditional knowledge and ways of being, they not only connect students to their culture, they build a community that supports and guides students through their post-secondary education.  

  1. What does the circle of learning mean to you? Do you feel included in the circle of learning?
  2. What are ways your campus can ensure that everyone is included in the learning environment?
  3. What are your truths and biases that you must reconcile to create inclusive learning environments?


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