Create a Safe Space

A campus safe space with Elders making food with students, supporting a student who is studying, and providing childcare.

“We have crafts, ceremony, and potlucks—and we make it safe for students to come in and express themselves in their own truth.”
—Elder Darlene McIntosh

“We are healing together and listening together. If you want to bring your baby, I will be grandmother and care for your baby while you go to class.”
—Elder Amelia Washington

“The fir tree is green and vibrant the whole year, which is what we want for students. It bends and weathers the storm. There is a connectivity with everything around the fir tree and everything belongs. Medicines grow there, and that is no accident.”
—Elder Amelia Washington

Reflection Questions

Elders build a sense of community, belonging, and identity by creating a safer space for students to gather and practice cultural traditions, participate in activities, and learn about other cultures.

  1. Do you have a safe space within your post-secondary institution where you can gather? If not, how can you advocate for one?


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