Share a Network of Elders and Knowledge Holders

A student and Elder sit together; dried medicines and portraits of Knowledge Holders from other communities surround them.

“We help students on their journey of discovery and can connect them to Knowledge Holders and Keepers.”
—Elder Barb Hulme

“Elders are essential, like advisors, counsellors, and wellness coaches. They are a necessary pillar of services in the post-secondary environment.”
—Marlene Erickson

“We share our culture and the cultural work from various communities—no one is excluded.”
—Elder Barb Hulme

Reflection Questions

Elders are trusted cultural advisors who provide support and guidance to students, faculty, and staff. While an Elder may come from a community and culture that’s different from that of the person they are advising, they have a rich network and connect students to Elders and Knowledge Holders from other communities.

  1. Elders are a resource for students who are struggling. Do you know how to connect with the Elders or Knowledge Holders within your local communities or institution?
  2. How can you connect with local Indigenous Knowledge Holders in the community in which you live and work?


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