Discussion Questions: Getting Started

The following discussion questions can be used as additional prompts for brainstorming. Alternatively, they can also be used as a starting point to begin planning related to SV training and resources.

  1. What do you know about your institution’s SV policy? Are there deliverables outlined in the policy around education and training? What are priorities for your institution at this time? Is there a timeline?
  2. In general, what kind of SV training, resources, and support services are already in place at your PSI? What can you build on? You may want to think about training, resources, and support services in terms of Awareness, Prevention, and Response:

    Awareness may include training on what SV is, how it impacts people, and what SV looks like on campus. It also includes increasing knowledge of SV policies, supports, and services on campus.

    Prevention may include training that is working towards eliminating SV through building a culture of consent and accountability.

    Response may include supporting people who have been impacted by SV, such as survivors, people who have caused harm, and bystanders.

  3. In general, what are some of the successes, barriers, and issues you have experienced when delivering SV training and developing resources? What are some of the solutions? Who else may you need to consult before continuing with your planning and future work?
QuoteDecolonization is an ongoing practice and should be rooted in a relational process of change. It means building relationships with Indigenous communities on and off campus and taking time and care to do this before even considering how this work can be done.
QuoteAn example of how you may enable access is asking learners ahead of time if they have any access issues. It’s also important to think about whether your staff have the resources to effectively address issues raised.


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