Getting Started

Most PSIs currently have a range of SV training, activities, and initiatives. It can be helpful to begin by reflecting on what already exists at your institution in order to identify strengths, needs, gaps, and available resources for implementing SV training.

Brainstorming can be an effective way of generating ideas within a group setting. Beginning with a question such as “What kind of SV training and resources do we need?” can help to highlight existing policies and practices, diverse perspectives, and opportunities to build on what has already been done successfully.

Below is an example of topics and issues that might emerge from brainstorming.

A bubble chart. A full image description will follow in the text.

Image description: An example of a filled-out bubble chart with the question “What do we need?” written in the middle. The chart includes the following ideas:

  • International students have indicated they need additional support on SV prevention.
  • Something that can be easily adapted into multiple languages.
  • Training that can be included in student/staff/faculty orientation.
  • Students have said training on consent and healthy relationships is a priority.
  • Opportunity for relationship building with Indigenous groups on and off campus.
  • Students are not clear about available campus supports.
  • Online bystander training was very successful last year — we need something that builds on this momentum.
  • How do we support those who have caused harm?

End of image description.


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