The purpose of this toolkit is to assist B.C. post-secondary institutions (PSIs) with evaluating and selecting resources to support their ongoing planning and delivery of training on sexualized violence (SV).[1]

In the process of developing a comprehensive approach to SV, PSIs can be confronted with an overwhelming number of resources, research, options, and well-intentioned advice. This toolkit includes activities to guide PSIs selecting and/or adapting resources for SV education and training. It includes:

  1. an overview of key principles that SV experts working in B.C. post-secondary institutions have identified as critical for delivering appropriate and effective SV training;
  2. worksheets for reviewing and evaluating existing SV training and related resources;
  3. a planning wheel that can be used to consider how to implement the key principles and adapt existing resources to local communities.

This resource is intended to be of use to staff, students, and faculty working in a range of contexts, including:

  • campus sexual violence centres
  • campus Indigenous groups
  • accessibility services
  • peer support workers
  • wellness programs
  • international students and staff/faculty who work with them
  • student leaders
  • student organizations
  • LGBTQ+ student groups
  • athletics and sports departments
  • fraternities and sororities
  • other groups that are working to prevent sexual violence and misconduct on campus
QuoteThroughout this toolkit, you will find reflections on key concepts from staff, students, and faculty who are actively involved in initiatives to address sexualized violence at post-secondary institutions across B.C.

  1. Since May 2017, all 25 of B.C.’s public post-secondary institutions have been required to have policies on sexualized violence. For more information about the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act and related initiatives, visit Safe Campuses BC.


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