Business Ethics

18 End-of-Chapter Questions

End-of-Chapter Questions

  1. How do the views of Industry and Indigenous groups differ?
  2. If you were the head of your household and someone told you that you were not able to provide for your family because the source of your subsistence was going to be destroyed, what would you do?
  3. If someone walked onto your property and told you they were going to demolish your home, and you needed to relocate to somewhere else, what do you think you would say or do to that person?
  4. What do you need to do to ensure you are acting in an ethical way in business?
  5. As a business leader, how can you use the three Rs?

End-of-Chapter Scenario

Sometime in September. Your company asks you to go into the Gitxsan territory to inform the nation that you will build a pathway through their territory to transport liquefied natural gas to the Port of Prince Rupert to deliver it to Asian markets. You think to yourself, “This project will be good for the economy and the communities that are affected by this project. It will bring many job opportunities and financial stability to their nation, and they are so lucky that we are offering this opportunity to them.” You have a deadline with a bonus attached if this project goes well.

Day 1. You book the next flight to Smithers. You arrive and decide to start with the closest community, Moricetown, and work down the line from there. You pick up the phone and call the band office. No answer. You leave a message. Tomorrow, you will drive to Moricetown and show up at the band office to talk to someone in charge.

Day 2. You arrive at the band office; it is locked up with the lights out. You call again and leave a message. You look around, and there are many plumes of smoke coming from various yards in small shacks, and you wonder what that’s all about. You are annoyed and think how unprofessional the band employees are to not be available during business hours.

  1. What should you have done before you left your office?
  2. Why do you think the band office is closed? What should your next steps be?
  3. Is your company aware of how to conduct business with Indigenous communities in an ethical way?


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