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28 End-of-Chapter Questions

End-of-Chapter Questions

  1. What is Aboriginal title?
  2. What is the relationship between the Numbered Treaties and Aboriginal title?
  3. How is Aboriginal title established in court?
  4. What must the Crown do if they want to infringe on Aboriginal title without consent?
  5. What is the Duty to Consult?
  6. Describe at least two difficulties either the Crown or Indigenous peoples have in complying with the Duty to Consult.

End-of-Chapter Scenario

Daniel works for community relations at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) company. His company is considering a project that will go through ten different Indigenous territories. It’s still early days for the project, but he learned from his business law course that his company should be pursuing relationship-building with Indigenous communities early. Daniel comes to you asking for help.

  1. What is the Crown’s role in consultations with Indigenous peoples? How should Daniel coordinate with the Crown?
  2. Should Daniel be consulting with hereditary or band leadership? Why?
  3. What recommendations can you make to Daniel to help facilitate effective consultation?


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