Appendix 5: Videos and Other Resources on Mental Health (Handout 5)

For students wanting more information on mental health, you can share this handout, which includes videos, websites, and articles on mental health.

Download Handout 5: Videos and Other Resources on Mental Health [PDF].

This handout includes more videos and other resources on mental health that may be of interest.


How to make stress your friend (14:28 min.)
– Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal on the many advantages of stress.

The mental health literacy pyramid (9:28), Mental Health Collaborative
– Provides an overview of the Mental Health Literacy Framework and the different mental health states.

Why stress is good for you (Instant Egghead #40; 2:32), Scientific American
– Explains how stress can be viewed as helpful.

Other Resources

Comninos, A. (n.d.). Stress. Mindfulness and Clinical Psychology Solutions.
– Web article on the stress curve, different types of stress, and how to cope and manage stress.

Kutcher, S., & Wei, Y. (2020). School mental health: A necessary component of youth mental health policy and plans. World Psychiatry, 19(2).
– Article on mental health literacy.

Ohrnberger, J., Fichera, E., & Sutton, M. (2017, December). The relationship between physical and mental health: A mediation analysis. Social Science and Medicine, 195, 42–49
– Article on the connection between physical and mental health. (n.d.). How not to bubble wrap kids: Learning how to use daily stress to develop resilience.
– Information sheet on using daily stress to develop resilience.


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