INSTRUCTORS: Adopt an Open Textbook

8 Examples of Creative Commons in Use

Here are examples of how others are using Creative Commons licences:

Other examples from around the world can be found on the Team Open website.

Open textbook publishing

Article: Open Textbook Publishing: This is Joe Moxley’s story about his experiences creating the Writing Commons. It started as a textbook published by Pearson. Joe received copyright back from Pearson, and then released it as an open textbook.

After reading the article “Open Textbook Publishing,” answer the questions below posted in Discussion Prompts.

Discussion Prompts

There are many layers to Joe Moxley’s story: the thought processes around choosing licences, the desire to create community around a resource, the need to work through priorities, and the transformation of roles.

  • What are your reactions to Joe’s story?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Would your story be different?


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