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16 B.C.’s Ongoing Adoption Program

The first step toward gaining a foothold about the existing, and ongoing, adoptions at a college, institute, or university is to learn which instructors are using open textbooks and other OER in the classroom.

A couple of years ago, BCcampus implemented the Ongoing Adoption Program which guides BC’s post-secondary institutions about how to identify and track adoptions on campus, and then share that information with BCcampus so it can be added to the Known Open Textbook Adoptions in B.C. record.

As discussed earlier, there are many benefits to an institution by following its faculty’s open textbook usage. From a broader perspective, these statistics contribute to the documentation and momentum of open education activity in the province. They also provide a rough marker of how adoptions are progressing in B.C. which can be referenced by the administrators and funders of this work.

The following templates can be used to record open textbook and OER adoptions:

Note: Consult with your institution’s access and privacy office about how the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) might impact platforms and systems used to share information.

For more information about the BC Ongoing Adoption Program and how to sign up, email laesoph [at] bccampus [dot] ca.


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