This guide was created by BCcampus Open Education with the assistance of several faculty and staff who attended the BCcampus Adoption Workshop Development Sprint on March 31–April 1, 2016 in Vancouver. Participants included Caroline Daniels and Dr. Farhad Dastur (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), Inba Kehoe (University of Victoria), Dr. David Harper (University of the Fraser Valley), Lucas Wright (UBC), and Gail Morong (Thompson Rivers University).

In the three years since then, open education has grown and matured in British Columbia and elsewhere. In response to those changes, information and links have been updated throughout this guide.

More importantly, reported open textbook adoptions have grown in B.C. from a cumulative savings of $5 million in textbook costs to over $13 million for post-secondary students. This increase is the result of enhanced awareness and the acknowledged benefits of using this openly-licensed resource; the ongoing creation and customization of quality open textbooks for B.C. and Canadian post-secondary curricula; better tracking of their usage in the classroom. These factors—and BCcampus’ three additional years of experience in this area—have provided the knowledge and examples used for new material.

This adoption guide is now divided into four parts. The first sections address three distinct groups involved in open textbook adoption: instructors, post-secondary institutions, and students. Section 1—Instructors: Adopt an Open Textbook—is an updated carryover from the original guide, as is the last part called “Learn More.” The third section was written for students interested in taking an active role in open textbook usage on campus.

The second and most expansive new section focuses on the why, what and how aspects of open textbook adoption for individuals providing institutional support to faculty. It is also a valuable resource that lays out the operational aspects of surveying instructors about, tracking usage of, and reporting out about open textbooks (and other OER). This information is based on BCcampus’ six years of experience working with open textbooks and in open education.

However, what enlivens the text are the many real life examples from B.C.’s colleges, institutes, and universities that show how open textbook adoption fits the broader institutional picture from course descriptions to bookstore order forms to strategic plans and policies.


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