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53 How can I submit my textbook to the B.C. collection?

To submit a textbook to be considered for the B.C. Open Textbook Collection, please complete the Suggestion for the Collection form. A selection committee will evaluate each submitted textbook to confirm that it meets the minimum requirements.

If a book is not chosen, it will be added to the OER by Discipline Directory. The BCcampus Open Education team informs the open education community at large about updates to this directory via the BCcampus newsletter and mailing lists. If the textbook is authored by a B.C. post-secondary instructor, staff, or student, it will be listed in the Post-Secondary Directory.

For a list of books currently under consideration for the B.C. collection or undergoing subject-matter expert review, see B.C. Collection – Books under Consideration and Review in the OER by Discipline Directory.



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