Adapt/Change an Open Textbook

22 Are books in the B.C. collection always changing?

No. Just because users have the ability–physically and legally–to change an open textbook, it was decided at the beginning of this project that all books in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection would remain static. They can be changed by anyone, but the copies in the collection are not affected by these changes.

If an updated version or edition of a textbook is added to the collection, this is clearly marked on the book’s cover

During the process of updating a book, both versions of the book remain in the collection until instructors have had time to adjust the textbook requirements for a course. BCcampus OpenEd takes all steps possible to inform the education community about an upcoming change to a book in the collection, prior to the change.

For more information, see How Stable are Open Textbooks in the Adoption Guide – 2nd Edition.


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