89 How do I gain access to an unpublished book in Pressbooks?

If you have been invited by a colleague to read or contribute to a book in Pressbooks, make sure that the following steps have been taken:

1.You must have an account in Pressbooks.

See Pressbooks Accounts in the Pressbooks Guide.

2.The author must add you as a user to the book in Pressbooks. When this has been done, you will receive an auto email message containing a link to the book. Accepting this invitation and clicking on the link will add this book to your Pressbooks account.

See Provide Access to Others in the Pressbooks Guide.

3. You must have Author or Editor access (set up by the original author) in order to make changes or additions to the book. Subscriber access will allow viewing privileges only. You must log in to your Pressbooks account to view and make changes to the book.

If you want to view a book in progress without creating a Pressbooks account,

  • The author must make the book Public. (See Make a Book Public.)
  • The author must send you a link to the book.

If you are unsure whether you have a Pressbooks account or not, email


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