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1 Introduction

Learning Objectives

  • Describe WorkSafeBC regulations in the workplace
  • Identify and describe workplace hazards
  • Describe basic emergency procedures
  • Describe fire safety procedures and regulations
  • Apply workplace safety procedures

Your health and well-being are your most valuable possessions. Many laws and regulations exist to ensure employee safety, yet every year thousands of serious injuries occur. In many cases, these injuries have serious long-term consequences for both employees and employers. For those new to the workforce or working in the food service industry for the first time, having a solid understanding of both the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employee and training in how to operate safely in the workplace are the keys to minimizing the risk of a workplace injury.

Both employees and employers must take responsibility for making the workplace safe!

  • WorkSafeBC dedicates a section of its website to the professional cook apprenticeship program and its learning outcomes. It can be found here on the Apprenticeship Website,
  • go2HR is the WorkSafeBC-designated health and safety association for the tourism and hospitality sector, and it has a number of health and safety resources available, including useful tools, templates, and other information. Visit the website at



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