Section 2: Supporting HCA Students’ Fundamental Computer Literacy Skills

Computer skills are one of the key essential skills for success in the workplace, and upon completion of the HCA program, graduates should be prepared to use current computer technology in accordance with workplace standards.

While the specific technology used by HCAs will be dependent on their place of employment, baseline knowledge of computers and technology will help to prepare them to assume their workplace role.

Fundamental computer skills include basic knowledge of computers, word processing, and electronic communication using the internet and email; additional computer-related concepts applicable to HCAs are respectful and appropriate use of digital communication and technology in the workplace. While it is not within the scope of every HCA program to include computer skills training, it is possible to ensure that HCA students possess baseline computer skills upon graduation. The following table outlines suggested learning activities for incorporating these skills into existing HCA Curriculum. A Computer Skills Self-Assessment and a targeted resources list are also provided to support students’ self-development in this key employment skills domain.