Section 5: Developing Awareness of One’s Own Role in Indigenization and Reconciliation


In the previous sections, we learned about the exclusion of Indigenous knowledge from academia. This exclusion and the parallel privileging of Western knowledge above other systems of thought are examples of systemic oppression. In this section, we will explore the concept of systemic oppression and ask you to reflect on your positionality within the system of oppression that exists in the world today. This will help to inform the role you play in Indigenization of the curriculum. Understanding and promoting an anti-oppressive approach is critical to supporting the work of Indigenization.

Purpose of this section

This section is intended to help you develop awareness of your own role in Indigenization. The following topics are included:

  • Anti-oppression theory as it relates to Indigenization
  • Becoming an ally and working with allies
  • Cultural safety and microaggressions

Approximate time: 3 hours


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