Foundational Math Skills

1 Basic Arithmetic

Proficiency with basic arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division) is generally mandatory for admission to nursing programs. Therefore, lessons of basic arithmetic will not be discussed in this text.

Included in this chapter are several quizzes to practice basic arithmetic skills. Although calculators are often available to assist with tasks requiring arithmetic in the workplace, practice without a calculator is beneficial. It is a great exercise for your brain health and you may find your speed of mental calculations improving with repeated practice. To improve your ability to do mental math, you can practice these questions with pencil and paper, double-checking your answers with a calculator if you like.

Check out Calculator Soup , created by Edward Furey, for a variety of free calculators built for specific functions.

Click the start button to generate quiz questions. The quiz will count down and then begin to provide randomly generated questions. Each quiz will generate ten multiple choice questions each time you click the start button. You will be able to view one question at a time. When ready, click on the answer you think is correct. If it is the correct answer, the box changes to green and you will hear a sound indicating a correct answer. If it is not the correct answer, the box you click changes to a darker shade of blue and the correct answer is highlighted in green. You can track self improvement by the number of correctly answered questions and/or by the amount of time you take to complete the quiz.


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