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Versioning History

This page provides a record of edits and changes made to this book since its initial publication in the BC Open Textbook Collection. Whenever edits or updates are made, we make the required changes in the text and provide a record and description of those changes here. If the change is minor, the version number increases by 0.1. However, if the edits involve substantial updates, the version number goes up to the next full number. The files on our website always reflect the most recent version, including the Print on Demand copy.

If you find an error in this book, please fill out the Report an Open Textbook Error form. If the book was produced in partnership with BCcampus, we will contact the author, make the necessary changes, and replace all file types as soon as possible. If we did not produce the book, we will make note of the error on this page and contact the original producer of the textbook. Once we receive the updated files, this Versioning History page will be updated to reflect the edits made.

Version Date Change Details
1.1 May 17, 2016 Book added to the BC Open Textbook Collection.
1.2 May 25, 2016 Removed an incorrect footnote and fixed a capitalization error. Section 12.13: The quote “You may be through with history, but history is not through with you.” had been incorrectly attributed to John Belshaw in a footnote. That footnote was removed.

Section 4.3: “Macdonald did what generations of 70-somethings would do from the 1880s to the present: He booked a railway tour.” The capital “H” in He was changed to a lowercase.

1.3 June 28, 2016 Removed a duplicate image. Section 5.12: Figure 5.24 appeared both in this section and in Section 5.11, but with different captions. The image in the previous section was removed and their captions combined in Figure 5.24.
1.4 July 29, 2016 Fixed a citation. Section 7.12: Original: “If two ride a horse, one must ride in front”: Married Women’s Nationality and the Law in Canada 1880-1950,”

Changed to: “‘If two ride a horse, one must ride in front'”: Married Women’s Nationality and the Law in Canada 1880-1950,”

1.5 August 31, 2016 Fixed a number of wording errors. Section 8.18: “In the same decade, processes enabled…” changed to “In the Same decade, new processes enabled..”

Section 9.1: “… could remember World War II almost as clearly as World War II.” The first World War II changed to World War I.

Section 9.1: “…a turning point that overturned…” changed to “a turning point that toppled…”

Section 9.13: Removed the comma after the and in “An African-Canadian neighbourhood in Vancouver and, in Winnipeg’s Rooster Town, a Métis community, were both cleared…”

1.6 September 25, 2016 Fixed errors in wording. Section 11.3: “The significant Métis presence in the West almost disappeared …”  changed to  “The significant Métis presence in the West was almost overwhelmed…”

Section 11.3: The ongoing Métis relationship with the Catholic Church and allies in Quebec, however, provided allies.” changed to “The ongoing Métis relationship with the Catholic Church and allies in Quebec, however, was both fortuitous and a strategy for survival in the emergent Canadian nation.”

1.7 September 28, 2016 Fixed an error in wording. Section 10.8: Chinatowns, like the one in Vancouver (the largest in Canada) in its early years…” changed to “Chinatowns, like Vancouver’s (the largest in Canada), …”
1.8 September 27, 2017 Fixed a footnote. Section 6.17: Changed a footnote that referred to “Mr. Tsurukichi Takemoto”. It now says “Mrs. Tsurukichi Takemoto”.



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