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8 End-of-Chapter Content

Attributions and Image Descriptions

Last update: Oct 10/23

When applicable, long descriptions for images and attributions for text, images, and videos go at the end of the relevant Pressbooks chapter.

When adding this content, here are some basic style guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Heading level: 1
  • Order of end-of-chapter content: Image Descriptions > References > Attributions
  • Style: BCcampus has CSS that will visually set the end-of-chapter content apart from the rest of the chapter’s content by inserting a large space between the sections and making the heading text smaller. The CSS is included in the required partial styles template in the Custom Styles (CSS) section, and this style is applied by adding a specific class to the <h1> tag (see below).

Because there may be multiple headings 1s of end-of-chapter content, the first heading should have the padding and be a smaller text size and all following headings should only be a smaller text size. As such, there are two different classes to use:

  • The class for the first heading 1 for end-of-chapter content: <h1 class="eocp">
  • The class for all following heading 1s for end-of-chapter content: <h1 class="eoc">

Here is an example of what this looks like:

Image Descriptions

Figure 1 image description:

Here is the decription for figure 1.

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Chapter Attributions

This chapter was adapted by Name of Adapting Author from “Name of Chapter” by Original Author. Licenced under a CC BY 4.0 licence.


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