Procedures and Responsibilities

1 Tracking and Supporting OER Projects

Last update: September 23, 2022

Beginning of a Project

Project orientation meeting

If there is no project orientation meeting, this can be done at the Project Assessment meeting.

  • One person from the Production Team attends a meeting with all of the grantees to introduce the getting started package and to explain the supports available. This meeting is organized and facilitated by the project manager.
  • The Production Team member should do the following:
    • Introduce the publishing/production process.
    • Go through the “Getting Started” package in detail so everyone knows where to find it and how to use it.
    • Introduce the webinar topics, why they are important, and encourage people to register.
    • Share and emails.
    • Answer questions.

Project assessment meeting

  • A 1-1 meeting with the project manager, the grantee(s), and the production team member assigned to that project.
  • Used to develop a project charter and to answer questions/identify potential challenges early on.
  • The goal is for everyone to clearly understand the project and the work needed.

Things to identify:

  • What kind of content will the project be working with and are their any potential accessibility challenges?
    • Examples: Videos, equations, audio, H5P, GIFs.
    • Consider screen readers, print copies, UDL.
  • What are the grantee’s experience with creating OER and the technology they need to be using? What supports do they need?
  • What is the division of responsibilities?

Document the project in Airtable

  • Fill out a new entry under the “Books” tab in Airtable for each new OER project.
  • Include as much information as you have and keep it up to date.
    • Book/Project: Name of the OER
    • Project: The grant type and project manager
    • Status:
      • Not ready: The grantees are working on it and there is nothing for the production team to do.
      • Not started: The grantees have handed the resource to production but we haven’t started it yet.
      • In progress: The production team is working on it.
      • On hold: The production team has stopped working on the resource for the time being.
      • Done: The production team’s work on the project is complete.
    • PB link: Pressbooks link
    • Style sheet: Link to style sheet in SharePoint.
    • Author: Names of lead grantees
    • Production Lead: Name of the person on the Production Team who is responsible for that project.
    • Date received: The date the grantee submits their work to the production team.
    • Due date: The date the production team is aiming on having the book ready to share.
    • Notes: Any relevant info for the project.


  • Held once a semester.
  • Intended to support grantees but open for anyone to register.
  • Webinar topics:
    • Open, OER, and CC Licences
    • Accessibility and UDL
    • Pressbooks

Setting Up: First Chapter and Style Sheet

  • Once a grantee has made significant progress with their project, they are encouraged to reach out to the Production Team for support in setting the first chunk of the book up in Pressbooks and creating a style sheet.
  • The Production Team member assigned to that book will work with the grantee.

Direct Support

  • Grantees and project managers can contact the production team at to ask a question or set up a meeting.
  • The Production Team member assigned to the book is responsible for answering the query unless they are away on vacation or focused on another project.
  • Math/LaTeX queries that come through are answered by Harper.

When the Resource is Complete

Final Review and Publication

The lead Production team member takes the book through the entirety of the Production Process.

If the resource meets the collection criteria, the Production team member will post it to the collection and set up a print on demand option.

Review the Grantee’s Final Report

Once the final report has been submitted, those involved in producing that resource will read through the report and make note of any feedback that we should be taking into account.


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