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For books published by BCcampus, there is a house style and there is the book style.

House Style

The house style is provided throughout this Publishing Style Guide, and it is applied across all BCcampus published books. It includes things like the following:

  • Standards around accessibility;
  • Standards around how to handle different content types to ensure functionality across all formats;
  • How to set up attributions for text, images, and multimedia;
  • Front matter and back matter; and
  • Metadata; and
  • Themes and CSS.

Book Style

The book style contains styles that are particular to a specific book and is contained within a Word document, which is linked from the book’s entry in Airtable. This document will look different for each book, and it compliments the house style as it only contains style that differs from or is not already covered by the house style. This may include things like the following:

  • The structure of the book;
  • The structure of parts and chapters;
  • Numbering of parts, chapters, tables, and figures, etc.; and
  • Which textboxes to use and when.

Once the book is completed, the Style Sheet will be uploaded to the book.

How to Set Up the Book Style Sheet

Here is BOOK STYLE SHEET TEMPLATE for anyone to download and use.

If you are on the Production Team, there is a book style sheet template located in the Production Team’s General channel.

  1.  Select “Files” and then select the “Style Sheets” folder.
  2. In the list of files, you will see one titled: “BOOK STYLE SHEET TEMPLATE.docx.” Click the three dots to the right of the file name and then select “Copy.”
  3. Copy the file to the same place. It will tell you that the file already exists. Select “Keep both.” Open up the file you just created and start filling in the information.
  4. Rename the file as follows: Name of Textbook Style Sheet.
  5. Create a share link for the document and paste that link in the “Style Sheet” Column in the “Books” tab in Airtable.
  6. Styles are added to the book style sheet while going through the Initial Assessment Checklist. However, it is something that should be maintained throughout the production process.


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