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10 Theme and Theme Options

Last update: May 18, 2021

Theme and Theme Options can be adjusted under the “Appearance” tab in Pressbooks.


By default, McLuhan is the theme for all new books. To change this, in Pressbooks, go to the Appearance tab and select “Themes.” Then, activate the theme you want.

  • The theme for open textbooks published by BCcampus is Clarke.
  • The theme for resources by Collaborative Projects is McLuhan.

Theme Options

Note: Any options not listed below should be left at the default or changed in consultation with the project manager/author.

Global Options

  • Part and Chapter Numbers: Turn off if numbers were manually added to parts and chapters.
  • Key Takeaways – Background: #ECCBB1 (McLuhan theme only)[1]

Web Options

  • Display Part title on each chapter: Yes
  • Collapse sections: Turn on if chapters are VERY long and would otherwise be difficult to navigate.

PDF Options

  • Page size: US Letter
  • Paragraph Separation: Skip lines between paragraphs
  • Section openings: Right page section openings (for print PDF)
  • Part Left Page: Book Title
  • Part Right Page: Part Title
  • Chapter Left Page: Part Title
  • Chapter Right Page: Chapter Title


  • Paragraph Separation: Skip lines between paragraphs
  • Compress Images: Yes

  1. This is to ensure that links, which are red, pass colour contrast.


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