Articulate Rise Overview

Articulate Rise is a web-based application eLearning authoring tool that enables developers and instructional designers to quickly create custom, interactive courses – no coding experience needed. Some of the benefits of using Articulate Rise are:

  • Adapts to all devices (phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers) and screen orientations (portrait, landscape)
  • Lots of interactivity (timeline, flashcards, carousel, quizzes, scenario, and much more)
  • Easy to edit content and import into learning management systems
  • Ability to output as SCORM to track learner progress & completion, output as HTML5 or PDF
  • Ability to export translatable file to convert courses into different languages
  • Can include videos and other multimedia

NOTE: All edits to the Safer Campuses for Everyone course content must be done in Articulate Rise before exporting the course to a learning management system.


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