Module 4b | Helping Survivors Find Support and Resources

(Faculty, Staff & Administrator version)

screenshot of campus and community support services

You will also want to include information about reporting options specific to your institution, i.e., policies and protocols should a survivor wishes to make a report that may lead to an investigation. Examples of information to include:

  • Reporting policies for individuals under age 18 (and other situations where faculty, staff, and administrators may have a legal obligation to report)
  • Reporting workplace harassment
  • Reporting options involving law enforcement, i.e., the role of campus security, police/RCMP

You will also want to include contact information for individuals/offices/departments involved in reporting and investigations, including who staff, faculty, and administrators can consult with and receive support.

This section also includes information about accommodations. You will want to include information about accommodations for both students and employees and who is responsible for assisting with accommodations on your campus. (The language you use at your campus may vary, e.g., you may use “academic concessions” instead of “academic accommodations.”)


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