Exporting Customized Version of Course to SCORM

Once all the edits are done, you can now export the course as a SCORM package.

Return to the main landing/home page of the course.

NOTE: If you are in one of the modules, click on the back arrow button to return to the course homepage.

screenshot of the return button

Click on Export at the top of the menu.

screenshot of export button in the menu

Update the settings of the course to:

  • Export Type: LMS
  • LMS: SCORM 1.2
  • Tracking: Track using course completion 100%
  • Reporting: Complete/Incomplete
  • Exit Course Link: on
  • Click on the Export button at the top right and save the SCORM zip file to an area where you will remember (ie: desktop).

screenshot of export settings

Adding SCORM Course Content into the Learning Management System

Recommendation/Best Practice

It’s recommended that institutions create two courses (one for students and the other for staff & faculty) and upload the appropriate SCORM module using the instructions below. This would allow for better user management and course reporting/analytics.


Adding a SCORM Activity

  1. With editing turned on, click Add an activity or resource in the section where you want to add the SCORM package.
  2. Select SCORM package and click ‘Add’
  3. Enter a Name for the SCORM package
  4. Enter any instruction for students in the Description box (optional).
  5. Click on the ‘Add’ button under the Package section.
  6. Select the SCORM Zip file and click ‘Open’.
  7. Click Upload this file
  8. Under the ‘Attempt management’ section
  9. Select the number of attempts you want to give your students to complete the SCORM activity
  10. Select how you would like those attempts to be graded
  11. Click Grade to set up the maximum number of points available in the SCORM package
  12. Have a look through the other available setting that may be applicable to your activity
  13. Click ‘Save and return to course’ or ‘Save and Display’

For information on how to access SCORM reports in Moodle, please visit: SCORM reports – MoodleDocs.


Adding a SCORM Activity

  1. In Content > Table of Contents, click on Import Course and then Import Course Package
  2. Drag your zipped (.zip) SCORM content into the upload box.
  3. Select Upload.
  4. Click on Import All Components.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Click the Select All Components checkbox to import all files in your SCORM package.
  7. Under Advanced Options > Import file to: please type in a unique module name so that the unzipped files from your SCORM package will be placed into their own folder (and won’t conflict when you load more SCORM packages). Use the name of the learning module or another logical name that is unique to the content.
  8. Click the Import metadata checkbox.
  9. Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.
  10. Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.
  11. Select Continue to proceed.
  12. You should now see a confirmation message that your course import was successful. Click on View Content to view your SCORM package in the Content section of your course.
  13. Click on the SCORM package name to view (and test) the SCORM package, as well as rename, add a description or restrictions, etc.

For information on how to access SCORM reports in Desire2Learn, please visit: Track activity and user progress on SCORM objects.


Adding a SCORM Activity

  1. With editing turned on, enter the content area into which you wish to place your SCORM learning object.
  2. Hover your mouse over Build Content and choose Content Package (SCORM).
  3. You will be presented with the Add SCORM Content screen.
  4. Click on Browse My Computer and locate the object you wish to upload then click Submit.
  5. In the Title area, the title will be automatically populated from information taken from the object you uploaded at the previous step. You can change this if you wish.  You can also enter a Description if you wish.
  6. In the SCORM Availability area, set Make SCORM Available to Yes.
  7. Set the Number of Attempts that you will allow.
  8. Set a time range for the object to be available if necessary and appropriate.
  9. Choose to track the number of views if you wish. This option will only track that the link to the object has been viewed, not the object itself.
  10. In the Grading Area, set how the SCORM module should be marked.
    • SCORM Score – Displays the total score
    • SCORM Completion – A tick symbol indicates if a user has completed the item.
    • SCORM Satisfaction – If you have selected a minimum score the student must achieve when creating the SCORM content select the check box to enforce a pass or fail element. For a pass mark a green tick will be displayed in the Grade Centre column and a score of 100.00 will be added to the Grade Attempt, a red cross and a mark of 0.00 will be displayed for failure.
  11. Enter a due date (optional).
  12. Leave the Grade Timing option set at the default, ie. When SCO is completed, with Grade of Last attempt.

For information on how to access SCORM reports in Blackboard, please visit: Add SCORM content packages to your course.


Creating Canvas Course Shell

Adding a SCORM Activity

  1. By default, SCORM is hidden in Canvas. In order to upload, the tool will need to be visible.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on the Navigation tab
  4. Drag and drop the SCORM menu item from hidden area to the visible area of the course menu
  5. Click save. Now you’re ready to upload the SCORM object.
  6. In Course Navigation, click the SCORM link.
  7. At the upper right area, Click the Upload button.
  8. Select the file from your computer [1] and click the Open button [2].
  9. Select the .zip file containing your SCORM package. It may take several seconds to upload the file, depending on its size; a progress bar will indicate upload status. When the process is complete, the new upload may appear at the bottom of your list of SCORM packages.
  10. Once the file is uploaded, select the object import type – Import as a graded assignment.
  11. Click the Go button.
  12. Navigate to the Assignments tool and find the new assignment. Edit the assignment to add necessary instructions, point value, due date, and so on. Do not change anything in the “Submission Type” field.
  13. Click Save, then click on Publish to publish the assignment
  14. To view the assignment in Canvas or to edit assignment details, click the Assignment icon. Imported SCORM assignments also display on the Assignments Index page. Once imported, you can move the assignment to an assignment group and add it as a module item.

NOTE: All SCORM upload default to 100 points.

Creating a Module in the Course

Adding the SCORM activity to the Module

  • When they are creating an assignment after having uploaded the SCORM as an assignment, Safer Campuses for Everyone appears as an item you can click. Click it and hit add item.
  • For more information, visit: How do I create an assignment

Publishing the Course

  • If you have permission to publish the course, follow these instructions: How do I publish a course.
  • Your intuition may have restricted this feature. If so, please contact your support team.

For information on how to access SCORM reports in Canvas, please visit: How do I view Course Analytics.


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