Course Summary | Continue Your Learning

(Student version and Faculty, Staff & Administrator version)

In the Course Summary, learners have the opportunity to review what they have learned and to consider different ways to continue their learning. In the “Continue Your Learning” section, you can provide suggestions for how learners can learn more about sexual violence, either on-campus, in the community, or online.

Examples of learning opportunities you can include:

  • Credit courses on sexual violence prevention and response (e.g., health and human services courses, social sciences and humanities courses, law enforcement and justice courses, Indigenous wellness)
  • Non-credit or continuing education courses on sexual violence prevention and response (e.g., equity and inclusion courses, Indigenous wellness, peer counselling, supervision and leadership)
  • Workshops led by students, faculty, staff, and administrators on sexual violence prevention and responses (e.g., practicing consent, healthy relationships and boundaries, digital safety)
  • Sexual violence awareness campaigns and events (e.g., film screenings, dialogue/discussion groups)
  • Reading lists developed by faculty, staff, and students
  • Workplace training (e.g., addressing workplace harassment and bullying, sexual violence prevention and policy)


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